Before carving the pattern should be carefully planned and drawn. This requires great caution and accuracy. For drawing we need a pencil with B hardness. a ruler, a compass, adjustable angle ruler, indigo paper and patience. These are the tools I usually use: // Beni comment: ha bekerül ez a kép akkor nincs szükség felsorolni, mert gyakorlatilag mindegyik fel van már sorolva, csak egyből több fajta is van a képen. // Every element should be draw as accurately as possible, because the base of good work is good planning. For symmetrical patterns I usually draw the right side of the symbols free-handed and I carve the contour. After this I place the indigo paper and a normal paper on top of it, with the indigo facing the paper. Make sure the whole area is covered by both papers. After this we shade the whole paper with a graphite stick or pencil, and the mirror image of the pattern appears on the backside of the paper, which we turn around and place onto the left side, secure it and trace it with the help of the indigo paper. While drawing, keep in mind which side of the line do you usually carve. After this, the geometric shapes should be drawn on.